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Some pests can be a nightmare for your business. Rats can contaminate food and spread disease. Cockroaches can ruin your business reputation. Termites can cause costly damage to your commercial building. It’s imperative to deal with pest problems quickly before they impact your productivity and cost your business a lot of money. That’s where Wise Pest Control has your back. Our inspectors and technicians have many years of experience offering commercial pest control in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas., Put our skills to work for you. You can always count on Wise Pest Control for affordable and friendly effective pest solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Why Hire Wise Pest Control for Your Business?

Pest control for businesses requires a knowledgeable touch and expert guidance. Below are just a handful of the reasons you should choose Wise Pest Control for our commercial pest control solutions:

  • Affordable: Who says quality pest control services have to be expensive? As a business owner, you have a lot of bills to pay, and you don’t need expensive pest control bills on their shoulders. We strive to offer affordable services to lessen the financial strain of getting your business back on its feet after a pest problem. We also offer discounts for proactive and year-round protection.
  • Reliable: Getting pests out of your building is not enough — you also need to keep them from coming back. Our professional pest control techniques can get rid of the problem and keep those pests from coming back.
  • Professional: When you hire a professional, you should expect an expert level of service. We promise to show up on time, ready to work and answer all your questions. We are a locally-owned business and strive to form lasting relationships with our business customers. We want to be the first ones you think of for services when you see a roach or earwig scuttle across the floor.

Types of Pests We Handle

We provide commercial pest control to exterminate a wide range of common pests in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas.


Termites are some of the most destructive creatures on the planet when it comes to commercial and residential buildings. They cause billions of dollars in damage every year. They can weaken the wooden support structures of your commercial building. Our standard termite treatments involve Termidor SC and Nisus Bora-Care to wipe out termite colonies and protect wooden structures. We perform both Drywood and subterranean Termite eradication.


The most common sign of rodents is the presence of rodent waste and droppings in your building. Rodents most commonly congregate in crawl spaces and can fit through gaps as small as a quarter-inch, so they require a thorough inspection to eliminate. We offer rodent removal and rodent cleanup. Indoors, we typically use non-poison trapping for rodent control to eliminate the potential for odors.


Food waste and liquids can draw ants to your commercial property, where they can quickly multiply. Ant removal involves creating a three-foot barrier around your building and checking all exterior points for signs of entry. We will also spot-treat your property’s exterior and granulate flower beds to keep ants from creating nests.


Spiders can make their way into your commercial building following other pests but quickly become pests themselves. We can get these eight-legged crawlers out of your property with our comprehensive commercial pest control in Los Angeles County. You can kiss those spiders goodbye in no time.


California is home to several types of roaches that can enter your building through cracks near the siding. Roaches are famous for being very hardy and tough to exterminate. Not to worry. Our methods can clear them out completely. Roaches are not only a health hazard but have a scavenger diet, so they will try to eat almost anything that is consumable.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another species of pest that can be difficult to remove. We use a combination of liquid and electrical heat treatments to safely remove bed bugs. Both heat and liquid treatment for bedbugs carry a 30-day warranty guarantee. Bed bugs can be enormously frustrating once they take root and multiply, so don’t hesitate to call a professional.


Mosquitoes are an annoying pest that have been known to spread sometimes fatal diseases. Mosquitoes multiply incredibly quickly, so you need to address their spread before they continue to reproduce and get out of control. We have a variety of cutting-edge techniques minimize the presence of any mosquitoes on your property.

TAP Insulation to Prevent Pest Infestation

In addition to industry-leading commercial pest control in Los Angeles County, Wise Pest Control also offers TAP (thermal acoustic pest control) insulation. TAP insulation provides superior pest control while reducing sound transmission and minimizing heat loss.

Our TAP insulation is denser than traditional products, and the fibers are coated with a special borate material. The borate can interrupt pests’ metabolism and digestion, killing them before they can infiltrate your building and start to reproduce.

Our pest management services separate us from competitors.

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If you’re wondering how Wise Pest Control maintains a reputation as the top pest control company in Los Angeles County, read some of our recent 5-star reviews. Our customers receive only the best service from our fully licensed and highly-trained pest professionals.

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Pests are no joke, especially for Los Angeles County businesses. Wise Pest Control has the skills and know-how to get rid of pests and keep them out.

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