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After its incorporation in 1917, Culver City became an entertainment hub. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, established in 1924, distributed classic movies and television shows like The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, and The Twilight Zone. The city also saw the rise of Sony Pictures Entertainment and National Public Radio — but not everything is glamorous, especially when you need pest control in Culver City, CA.

From biting mosquitos and fire ants to mice and termites tearing through your home’s infrastructure, pests are everywhere and some are far from harmless. Rather than let them spread diseases, damage irreplaceable items, and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs, contact our local team. We offer removal and preventative methods that’ll leave your home pest-free.

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Identifying Termites

Culver City typically receives little rainfall, with a zero-inch average from June to August. These dry months contribute to the low annual rainfall average of 14 inches, 24 inches below the national average.

Unfortunately, subterranean termites, which cause the most damage and can grow their colonies faster, are prevalent in this part of California. While they don’t live in the wood of your home like drywood termites they gain access to the wood members through mud tubes.

Termite Treatments We Offer in Culver City

After termite inspections identify the termites impacting your home, we’ll consider our standard treatment of injecting Termidor SC into tainted wood, a termiticide that one termite carries to the colony. We also spray exposed wood with Nisus Bora-Care, which kills termites that digest the borate salt while protecting the wood against fungus, dry rot, and other insects like wood beetles and carpenter ants.

Our last resort for termite treatments includes tent fumigation. You must bag consumables, remove plants, vacate the premises during tent fumigation.

Don’t let your termite situation get this far. Prevent infestations by being aware of the above signs and calling (626) 424-3343

Other Culver City Pests

Our pest control services extend to other concerns. We have years of experience dealing with:

With mosquitos, we set up In2Care® Mosquito Stations that hold reservoirs since female mosquitos like to lay their eggs in shallow water. As the scented water draws them in, they land on gauze strips that kill the larvae while weakening the adult.

We also use a baiting and trapping system for rodents, which proves more environmentally friendly. After finding their entry points and sealing them to prevent more from entering, we remove their droppings and other messes and lay traps to catch any rodents lingering in your home.

Our bed bug treatments work more like those for termites, killing on site rather than baiting. We spray a liquid treatment like Bedlum or Crossfire or use an electric heater set to 135 degrees. With the remaining pests on the list, we seal entry points, create a three-foot barrier around your house’s perimeter, and spot treat within 30 feet of your abode.

When pests threaten your sanctuary, you need the sensitivity and care of a family-like team. We put your happiness at the forefront of what we do, so call (626) 424-3343 for assistance!

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