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The welcome mat on your doorstep isn’t an open invitation for rodents and insects. Keep unwanted visitors away by contacting Wise Pest Control for extermination assistance!

Whittier, CA is a dense suburban area with a small-town feel. The city offers residents 14.7 square miles of open land. So, a small nature retreat isn’t hard to find, whether via Central Park (one of the over 20 parks spanning the city) to the Greenway Trail running from 605 Freeway and Mills Avenue. However, while great for picnics, hiking, and sports, the vast greenery could be why you call for pest control in Whittier, CA.

All pests, from mosquitos and fleas to termites and mice, enjoy these open areas and the residences surrounding them. Upon noticing insects or rodents making your haven their home, choose wisely by contacting our local team with years of experience for treatments, minor repairs, and preventative measures.


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Whittier Termite Control

Whittier is a high-risk area for earthquakes, with over 7,500 occurring within the last century. The Whittier Narrows earthquake of 1987 was the largest and most destructive, with a 5.9 magnitude and an aftershock three days later recorded at 5.2. With numerous homes, businesses, and historical sites destroyed, you don’t want further structural harm or unexpected repairs even decades later.

Unfortunately, termites live in soil or dry wood above ground, meaning they can find refuge anywhere around or within your home. They also eat anything from wood framing and siding to, cardboard to satisfy their cellulose diet. With as many as a million termites in one subterranean termite colony, it is possible for just one colony to cause a significant amount of damage to your home or commercial building.

Treatment Options

If you notice dead termites, shed wings, household damages, or mud tubes around your property, we’ll conduct a thorough termite inspection. Our standard option includes injecting Termidor SC and spraying Nisus Bora-Care on all exposed parts of your wooden household structure. Both are highly effective termiticides that affect drywood and subterranean termites as they digest the treated wood.

Depending on the level of damages and infestation, we may conduct three-day tent fumigation with the appropriate preventive measures. Regardless of your treatment option, we offer a two-year full property warranty and annual re-inspections on us alongside free retreats if you’re dissatisfied.

Are you wondering about our termite treatments and other pest control services? Call our friendly team at (626) 424-3343 for results at an affordable price!

Other Services We Offer in Whittier, CA

Whittier’s 90-degree summer highs allow bugs to thrive outdoors, and the cooler 53-degree winter lows cause them to seek refuge indoors. If you’re not looking for termite pest control in Whittier, CA, one of our many other services may fit your needs instead, including:

  • Bed bugs: We use a liquid Bedlum or Crossfire treatment with a 30-day guarantee or a six-to-eight-hour heat treatment via electrical heaters at 135 degrees that limit chemical exposure within your home.
  • Ants, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs, and wasps: We inspect your household perimeter for migration paths and entry points. We then produce a three-foot barrier and clean all webs, nests, and other insect leftovers from indoor overhangs, windows, and entryways alongside outdoor sheds and other areas. Finally, we treat these areas by spraying 30 feet from your home.
  • Mosquitos: After setting up an In2Care® Mosquito Station, female mosquitos looking for a breeding ground will follow the scented water within its reservoir and land on the floaters, each with gauze strips. The gauze strips contain growth regulators that kill larvae in the station and biological fungus that weakens and kills infected mosquitos.
  • Rats and mice: We’ll uncover gaps and openings with as little as a 1/4-inch diameter from which rodents can enter. Then, we’ll sanitize by removing droppings, urine, debris, and anything else they may have touched to prevent disease transfer. Finally, we’ll spray infected areas and repair entry points for rodent exclusion before trapping any left within your home.

Rodents and insects are never easy to get rid of. Ask about our fool-proof step-by-step processes that’ll put your mind at ease!

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