Pest Control in Inglewood, CA

Inglewood, CA, is one of the best places to live in Southern California. This idyllic community boasts plenty of beautiful Spanish-style abodes that connect the city to its rich history as a home for early Spanish and Mexican settlers. Unfortunately, unwanted critters can wreak havoc on these and other structures in the area, requiring the right team of experts to step in and handle the problem.

Wise Pest Control has the answer for all your pest and rodent problems. We offer unbeatable pest control in Inglewood, CA, and have years of experience providing homeowners peace of mind. Our team has the solution you need whenever termites, ants, rodents, and other pesky creatures invade your property.

We’ll inspect your home for pests, determine the best approach for extermination, and use effective techniques to rid your property of these unwanted guests. Best of all, our pest control services provide long-lasting relief that won’t break the bank. Reach out to our specialists today to request an inspection and take the first step toward making your Inglewood home pest-free.

Learn how we perform termite inspections, and don’t hesitate to call for service when these pests invade your property.


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Effective Pest Control Solutions in Inglewood, CA

Count on our experts to remove pests from your home using our proven methods and high-quality equipment. Our pest control services include:

Termite treatments

Removing roach infestations

Rodent removal

Ant colony treatment

Spider inspections and treatment

Bed bug removal

example, subterranean termites require a different treatment than ants, while we use similar techniques to keep out spiders and wasps.

If your home or business has a rodent problem, we inspect all possible entry points into the property and identify the root of the infestation. From there, we clean and sanitize any visible debris from the rodents and seal off all access points. Our foolproof rodent trapping techniques eradicate the problem, so you don’t have to worry about these nuisances invading your property again.

Many of our treatments come with a warranty to mitigate the need for monthly pest inspections. Contact our friendly specialists today to learn more about our methods and schedule a service for your property.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Inglewood, CA

Environmental factors are one of the main concerns people have with pest control solutions. Pesticides containing toxic chemicals are common for removing unwanted insects and critters from your home. But when you call Wise Pest Control, you can have peace of mind knowing we offer eco-friendly methods.

If termites are ruining the wood within your home, ask about our drywood and subterranean termite treatments. We use an environmentally safe product that is excellent at removing termites without impacting the surrounding environment. In addition, our Bora-Care treatment utilizes borate salt to safely eradicate termites while keeping other pests, like carpenter ants and wood beetles, at bay.

We offer TAP (Thermal Acoustical Pest Control) insulation for long-term pest control. This eco-friendly option uses recycled newspapers to create dense insulation that retains your home’s temperature and reduces energy consumption. We infuse a special borate material within the insulation so any insect that enters the space ingests the particles and dies.

Read Our Customer Reviews

If you’re wondering how Wise Pest Control maintains a reputation as the top pest control company in Los Angeles County, read some of our recent 5-star reviews. Our customers receive only the best service from our fully licensed and highly-trained pest professionals.

Why Choose Wise Pest Control?

We’re different from any other company offering pest control in Inglewood, CA. Our team is always committed to the following pillars of our business:

Superior customer service

Unmatched quality of work

Building strong relationships within the community

Everything we do focuses on these three areas, and we’re constantly looking to improve on them. When you hire us, we promise you’ll receive outstanding customer service from beginning to end. Our friendly staff will guide you through each step of the process, explain which pest control solution is best for your property, and give you a fair, straightforward price for the service.

Our pest control methods are among the best in the industry since we utilize heavy-duty pesticides that take care of any wanted critter around your property. We are thoughtful with our work and take extra measures to protect your property from any harmful substances. Finally, we are passionate about building lasting relationships with our customers and becoming a friendly face you can count on.

Are you in need of bed bug fumigation? Learn more about how our team handles this project, and give us a call for immediate service.

Don’t look any further for effective pest control in Inglewood, CA.

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