Pest Control in West Covina, CA

West Covina, CA, is a bustling city and a great place for enjoying the great outdoors. This is partly thanks to its consistently sunny climate, which residents enjoy for about 310 days out of the year. This warm weather attracts pests of multiple varieties to West Covina’s idyllic environment.

Encountering pests while attempting to enjoy quality time outside can quickly sour your day, especially if it is at your home and you are experiencing a serious infestation. When you need quality pest control in West Covina, CA, from a local professional team, call Wise Pest Control.

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Why Pests Love West Covina

Rainy weather can be unpredictable in West Covina. We usually get rain between late October and late March, with January and February commonly seeing the most precipitation. West Covina rarely gets very cold and never experiences snow, making it a breeding ground for a wide variety of pests since there’s little cold weather to inhibit their growth.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure the frustration, inconvenience, and potential health risks that come with pests native to this otherwise beautiful city. If you’re seeking the best pest control in West Covina, CA, then Wise Pest Control has you covered with a broad range of effective services. You can count on our skilled and compassionate team to diagnose your pest issue and treat it, whether you have termites, ants, spiders, or another pest.

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Read Our Customer Reviews

If you’re wondering how Wise Pest Control maintains a reputation as the top pest control company in Los Angeles County, read some of our recent 5-star reviews. Our customers receive only the best service from our fully licensed and highly-trained pest professionals.

Why Choose Wise Pest Control

As a local Southern California business, we distinguish ourselves from other pest control companies by focusing less on being the biggest player and more on putting our customers first through quality, affordable service, and utilizing eco-friendly treatments.

Selecting Wise Pest Control for your pest control needs means choosing a company with years of experience committed to customer service, quality work, and building relationships within the community. With our team, you can rely on:

  • Quality service from a proficient team
  • Prompt arrival for scheduled appointments
  • Competitive pricing with affordable rates
  • Ongoing discounts for proactive pest control services

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Learn more about us and what makes us “the wise choice” for your pest control needs in West Covina.

Our Pest Control Services

Several pests are local to West Covina, CA, meaning you may require effective, reliable services for more than one insect or rodent. Whether you’re seeking pest control in West Covina, CA, through termite treatment, tent fumigation, or monthly pest prevention services, our team at Wise Pest Control provides safe, practical solutions for all kinds of pests, including:

Professional Pasadena TAP insulation services from Wise Pest Control are just a phone call away at (626) 424-3343. Protect your home today!

Pest Control Treatments for a Variety of Infestations

We take great care to exterminate any living pests in your home while implementing protective measures to reduce the chances of re-infestation. Our treatments vary depending on the pest in question, but each solution has a proven track record of eradicating pests quickly.

Termidor SC and Bora-Care

Our standard termite treatments involve termite inspections and the combination of the Termidor SC termiticide and Nisus Bora-Care, which utilizes borate salt to hinder growth. Termidor uses the termites’ numbers against them by treating a few, which spreads the treatment throughout the rest of the colony by contact.

Bora-Care prevents termites from extracting nutrition from eating, causing them to starve. We back this treatment up with a three-year warranty for open-frame structures.

Green Termite Treatment

Our Bora-Care treatment is eco-friendly and provides long-lasting termite control. Bore-Care is also helpful in fighting the following:

  • Dry-rot
  • Fungus
  • Wood beetles
  • Carpenter ants

Mice, Rat, and Rodent Removal

In addition to termites, spiders, bed bugs, and other insects, we can treat your property for mice and rat infestations. We start with a thorough rodent inspection to identify where the infestation is and how the rodents got in. Then, we clean up any debris, feces, urine, and contaminated items and sanitize all affected areas. We close off all entry points and trap any rodents inside your home to eliminate the infestation.

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Make the Wise Choice and Get Pests Out of Your Life Today

At Wise Pest Control, we want you to enjoy your time to its fullest, which for us means providing safe, effective pest control in West Covina, CA, to all residents.

We provide top-quality pest removal services that allow residents to enjoy their properties worry-free again. We offer multiple discounts, including a one-time offer of $25 off a performed service, $50 off for scheduling year-round pest protection, and a proactive termite treatment discount of $150.

We service all of West Covina along with the following areas:

Beverly Hills, Arcadia, Glendale, Pasadena, Whittier, Culver City, Inglewood, West Hollywood

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